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Born in the year 1936 in a small village called "Melapudhukkudi near Thiruchendur where he started his pre school education in the same village and his elementary education in the near by village called 'Kurumbur" Higher Secondary and Intermediate in K. Vidhyasala in Virudhunagar and Senthil Kumar College at Virudhunagar and finally B.A. (Hons.,) at Presidency College in Chennai.

At the School he was a School Pupil Leader and Champion and won many certificates of merits in elocution, and sports. In-group sports, his favourite are football and kabbady in individual sports he has been a Champion in 400mtrs dash, long jump and high jump.

Started swimming at the age of 3 in his native lake and won many titles in swimming. He was a N.C.C Cadet in the artillery division, worked as an "Grammasevak" in villages and also gained useful knowledge during the holidays in the small scale business as well as tunnel work in Kunda project in Niligiris and Koyna in Maharastra.

Started his career as a "Lecturer" in, private colleges for a short term and entered Government Service as an Employment Officer and gained Global theortical knowledge about Employment All Over India and Around the World, Resigning the Government job of the National Employment Services, he involved in his own Education endowers starting the "Matriculation School, Lady Colleges and Manpower Organizations

Has visited all the important countries in all the Continents by going Around the World nine times to study the Educational pattern and Employment trends on the invitations of Educational and Labour Departments of many countries namely U.S.A CANADA, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, MALAYSIA, KOREA and SINGAPORE, with Western and European countries namely FRANCE, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and also CHINA

And also has taken part in the seminars and conferences of International Organizations like U.N.E.S.C.O in Geneva, I.L.O in Paris, Common Wealth Organizations and Equality Commission in London.

Visited Oxford University, Manchester University, London school of economics in U.K. Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and many universities in U.S.A, Victoria University of Australia, Nanyang University of Singapore and also visited many popular Pre schools, High schools, and Higher Secondary Schools all Over the World giving importance to Early Education, the Montessori Education, Kindergarten, Nursery, Traditional, Modern Integrated System.  
As a representative of the Labour and Employment party he has contested for the post of M.L.A and M.P elections in the year 1986 and 1999. Now devoting his life mostly in the spreading of the Early Childhood Education from Socrates, Plato (republic), Erasmus, Comenius, Rousseau, nursery system of Robert Owen and Margaret Macmillan of India and the kindergarten system of Friedrich Froebel and his predecessor Pestalozzi of Switzerland. following the Montessori system of Dr. Maria Montessori, Now working towards the integration of all these systems of education from Socrates , John Dewey and William Kilpatrick of modern world and these system of integration initiated by Professor.Holmes great educationist in America. In the middle of 20th century but unfortunately was not able to integrate all the systems towards the modern requirements, need ,necessities and demand of problem oriented, project oriented, job oriented of 21st century the modernization, globalization and great advancement in a field of computer and communication towards advancement of bringing the entire world into the computer, laptop and also cell phones of advanced types wired even children. They study and understand all aspects of life through the great internet and website work of Google, Yahoo, etc., Due to globalization and free market system one can get different type of food, drinks and anything & everything that is available according to the requirements of each individual in his own space and of his own tradition culture. These are the methods working towards the Integration of all the System of Education towards the modern requirements.
His hobbies include creating the Health Care Centers for Reversal Heart Diseases by Life Style Changes of Dr Dean Onrush U.S.A Yoga & Meditation centers in the System of Swami Satchidananda of Yogavile of USA interested in Global Integrated Systems of living like the Auroville of Pondicherry,
Interested in giving the helping hands for physically and visually disabled children and has got great faith in the equality of Women Education, Employment and Empowerment with the children to learn and earn independently, reaching the aim of Unity in Diversity, Liberty and Equality in this modern age of Globalization and Computer technology fulfilling the minimum needs of all irrespective of race, religion, caste and creed, language, etc.
Providing the education to the modern man in the modern way from infancy throughout the life is the ultimate union of man, himself with nature, environment and the God.




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